Together we are stronger
We are an operational and financial holding company with a diverse portfolio

Clusternanotech LTD

Clusternanotech LTD is an operational financial holding company of a mixed nature, i.e. a company that manages investments and controls, finances and coordinates investments.

In this case, the parent company’s assets consist mainly of financial or strategic participations in other listed or unlisted companies belonging to very diverse sectors.

In addition to this activity, Clusternanotech invests its resources in shares or quotas for the strategic development and coordination of the companies in which it holds participations.

Business Growth

Flexible business models and professionalism are key to corporate growth. We must meet the necessary requirements to face new and dynamic scenarios. It is important to constantly monitor and activate corrective actions, measure and evaluate performance to achieve objectives.


The company aims to create value for the community, the organization, and all stakeholders impacted by its activities while striving to generate profits in an ethical manner.


Corporate performance consists of setting and assigning objectives, linking objectives to resources, continuously monitoring and taking corrective action when necessary, and measuring and evaluating performance against objectives.

Our mission

Creating business value while respecting equality and our capabilities. Moving elements of strength characterised by the group’s history.